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14 Things We Learned at RST

Rock Solid Technology 2013 is in the history books and, in our opinion, it was one for the record books too! This year’s response from our vendor partners and customer community was terrific. In fact, it was our best year ever for registration and attendance. What really made the event such a great success was the information and technology presented by vendors. So for those who missed it, or those who want a recap, here are our top 14 things we learned about at Rock Solid 2013.

  1. If you’re like us and on the move a lot Cisco’s single number reach is fantastic. Swap calls from your desk phone to your mobile device with a one button push. It’s so smooth the person you’re talking to may not even know.
  2. HP workstations are amazing. Their Z1 all in one model has a huge amount of computing power and even snaps open so you can swap out parts and make upgrades. No tools required!
  3. We love the Mondopad … and so do our customers. The white boarding capabilities InFocus has built into this giant-touch-screen-for-your-boardroom bring team meetings to a new level.
  4. The rip and flip design of the ThinkPad Helix by Lenovo means we can’t think of a situation where this convertible wouldn’t fit. We don’t use this word a lot in our posts, but this is sexy tech.
  5. I had no idea there were so many safety concerns when discussing in-vehicle computing. Good thing Motion does! Precise dashboard positioning, air bag clearance, anticipated speed factors … all stuff Motion specializes in.
  6. If you need effective document management, at a very affordable price, and a wealth of other Intranet features Officeware for SharePoint is the solution. Built and supported by Triware on the SharePoint Online platform, Officeware can help you work better together.
  7. There are lots of opportunities for local SMB customers to benefit from Rogers services. Also, they have some very cool plans for the NL marketplace in the next few years!
  8. Sonicwall firewalls really help you visualize network activity, and more importantly keep the bad guys out without affecting your network performance. Keeps your data safe and your employees happy.
  9. Virtualization has changed the water on the beans in terms of anti-virus and anti-SPAM. Trend Micro has lots of SMB experience for this new world.
  10. With their newly unleashed suite of technology, Toshiba means serious business for the SMB marketplace. They are touching everything from your printer to your boardroom … and doing it with high quality solutions.
  11. Not only are Tripp Lite leaders in power protection portable air conditioning units can keep those server hot-spots in your office controlled. Even the name – SRCOOL – is, well, cool.
  12. Absolutely loved the VSD220 from Viewsonic. The tablet/touch/traditional PC combo was definitely impressive.
  13. Veeam backup is built for SMB. Fast, inexpensive and feature-rich solutions make them stand out in the small-to-medium market.
  14. The Horizon Suite from VMware can really simplify IT management, especially for any organization with BYOD issues or concerns.

The bar has certainly been set high for Rock Solid 2014 (mark your calendar … October 22, 2014).