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26 reasons is a lot!

Honestly, I don’t think about printing very often. Whenever possible I try to keep things digital … I kind of like looking at my screens. But as I as type I look around my desk and office shelves and guess what I see?

Paper. Quite a bit actually.

The truth of the matter is everyone prints. Either by preference or requirement there’s still a big need for physical documents in our world. Documents that are simply not electronically portable, files that need to be reviewed by the naked eye on paper, or that glossy one-pager you’re bringing to your next sales meeting. We all print.

So, as business owners and manager, shouldn’t we think about our printing – the documents our company physically produces? Shouldn’t we critique it the same as we would any other business necessity and expense? Absolutely.

In reality, however, research shows a whopping 90% of organizations do not understand their print costs. That’s a pretty huge number, and a big statement about a problem we need to solve. Similar research shows up to 50% of IT help desk calls are printer related. And, even better, once companies change their thinking and focus on their printing they have the potential for 30% in savings.

Powerful thinking that shows we all need to think about our printing and manage it better. And if you’re looking for even more reasons to assess your printing our friends at Xerox have put together a terrific list of 26 reasons!

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