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Recycle With Me

Do you have kids? I do … my sons are 2 and 5. Like all kids they watch some television shows that eventually gets stuck in your head on an endless loop. One for me is a song by a Canadian duo all about recycling and reusing things – cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, etc. – for fun, imaginative play. I’m humming it now.

Where am I going with this? I have a technology point, trust me. How much do you know about electronics recycling in Newfoundland and Labrador?

If people know about the upcoming changes to the program they don’t seem to be talking about it. We want to share information on the new Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) NL initiative and how it may affect you.

Effective August 1, 2013, all residents and businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador can recycle end-of-life electronics FREE OF CHARGE through an approved EPRA Newfoundland and Labrador Drop-off Centre. From an environmental responsibility perspective this is absolutely terrific, and something that many of our clients have asked about over the years.

However, as with many responsible decisions in business and life there’s a cost. To offset the initiative the price you pay for electronics will increase as of August 1 in the form of an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) paid at the time of purchase. Some EHF examples:

  • Desktop computers – $10.50
  • Portable computers – $2.50
  • Desktop printers – $7.75
  • Display devices – $12.25 – $42.50, depending on size

These are reasonable cost increases but, as a local technology reseller, we wanted our clients to be aware of the program benefits and costs.

August 1 is quickly approaching and we recommend you visit for program details, including information on drop-off centres and collection events. If you have questions regarding the effect on your purchases from Triware please contact your representative or call 579-5000.

Just like the success witnessed in our province with pop cans, tires, household containers, and cardboard, end-of-life electronics will now have a responsible program allowing valuable metals to be harvested, reused and keep potentially harmful substances out of our landfills!