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It’s Not Just a Printer They Want to Hack

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For Triware and HP, print security isn't just about securing your printer. It's about helping to secure your entire network with real-time threat detection, automated monitoring, and built-in software validation that no one else offers.

Have you considered the potential print-related security breaches that can affect any business:

  • Malicious threat from outside the company
  • Exposure of documents at the device
  • Exposure of documents sent to/from the device
  • Unauthorized use
  • Exposure of device settings or ports
  • Company's ability to identify the culprit of a security breach
  • Remote/home print users

For your business, a commitment to technology is truly a commitment to your productivity, reliability and success. And today, a commitment to security is one of the best things you can do to help your business.

As an information technology service provider in Newfoundland for over 26 years, we understand that commitment. Our employee teams, hardware solutions and service programs are designed to help us partner with you, working together to effectively manage your technology environment and protect your business.

Talk to us to discover our approach to quality technology service and security.