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Managed Print Services

Focus on your business, not printing.

Your business is demanding and you have plenty to do. Triware Managed Print Services provides an integrated strategy to manage your print needs, helping to keep your business running smoothly while reducing costs and freeing up your time.

The end result of Triware Managed Print Services is simple: clear visibility and control of your printing, simplified processes for ordering supplies and a long term print strategy based on continuous improvements, all of which helps you save money and boost productivity.  Improved environmental sustainability processes and document security makes the offering even more compelling.

By “printing,” we mean the total cost of managing and optimizing your printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices. This includes:

  • Pages produced by office workers, mobile workers and production print operations.
  • Office desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume printers.
  • Materials sent out for quick printing, offset printing, mailing and distribution.
  • IT help desk support, technical service, maintenance, and add, move and change requests.
  • Paper, ink, toner and other supplies and consumables.

Add up the costs of “printing” and it accounts for a large chunk — as much as 15% of a business’s annual spending! At Triware, we partner with industry leaders like HP and Xerox to deliver managed print value to our clients.

Triware managed print services benefits
Studies show up to 90% of companies don’t know what they are spending on print[1] and that organizations that implement managed print solutions reduce their printing costs by 30%[2].

These same studies show 50% of employees regularly see confidential documents left on the printer. 19% admit to seeing someone else’s salary details[3].

On average, 40% of business activity relies on information captured in documents, many of which are printed[4].


A managed print service can help maintain and control your information efficiently so you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Talk to us to see how we can save you money and unlock potential for your business.


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