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Not Just a Phone Anymore

I’m pretty adept with my phone: it rings, I pick it up, there’s a voice on the other end. Alternatively I pick up the handset and dial a series of numbers and, again, there’s a voice on the other end. Magic.

Then last week through a single experience a cloud lifted and the sun broke through.

For the last year or so Triware has been focusing on unified communications, voice-over-IP solutions and collaboration. I’m a company guy and I’ve been in support of this but, to be honest, it wasn’t until a moment frustration that I saw the light. Let me set the stage …

Like everyone I feel I’m very busy. My inbox, to do lists, assigned tasks and goals are full (I’m not complaining … I love it). One day last week I was struggling to work through a visual problem. A website we were developing for a client just wasn’t looking right. I called one of our developers tasked with the site (he works on another floor from me so I used the magic of my phone) and tried to detail the problem. It was impossibly frustrating. His screen didn’t seem to reflect what I was so poorly trying to describe with my words. I needed to visually connect with him.

Let’s break from my story and I’ll openly admit I could have easily undocked my laptop, left my office and walked up a few flights to get to him. But remember, we’re all busy, we all get frustrated and at that very moment I was between a couple of bookend meetings. I was pressed.

So, what did I do? I remembered a feature of our new unified communications “phone” that I hadn’t tried before … the ability to instantly share our desktop screen, through our “phone”.

At that moment I experienced true absolute magic. A single button click and we were instantly sharing my screen, visually seeing the same problem. Issue resolved, frustration gone and time saved (I made it to my meeting).

One brief experience that reminded me the real value in technology is not what you’ve always done but what is now possible to do.