A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending our first Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto. I find Toronto in the summer an amazing city … completely alive with activity and energy. WPC was certainly no different.

WPC16 saw over 18,000 attendees attend hundreds of information sessions, amazing keynotes every day, and countless networking opportunities (I tracked over 60,000 steps and 60 flights of stairs in 2.5 days). With all that at our fingertips it’s been seriously hard to narrow down to only three things we wanted to share in this post … but here’s a crack at it.

  1. Triware is only scratching the surface of the cloud for our customers … and this is something we need to change. The Microsoft Cloud (especially Office 365) offers amazing opportunity and potential for our SMB clients in terms of value. The flexibility and features you get that can really drive and help business is impossible to ignore.
  2. Security, security, security. And just to add for emphasis – security! We’ve known forever that our clients are concerned about cloud security and the reliability of their data once it’s “up in the cloud”. Apparently Microsoft has realized this as well, especially in Canada (plug: two new data centers opened this year just to serve the Canadian marketplace). Every single session had an element of how much Microsoft is doing to secure and protect your data and information in the cloud.
  3. Augmented reality and AI are pretty neat. Which is more than a slight understatement! Being able to virtually deliver physical training, improve health care, or help the visually impaired to experience their surroundings better creates a lasting impression on you. Check out this video to see what I mean.

One thing is for certain … Microsoft, cloud, and making businesses better are going to be hot topics for us and our clients from now on!