I’m feeling pretty proud this week. With more than 25 years helping local business better use and manage their technology we have a lot of experience … and a lot of knowledge that we like to share.

And last week Triware got to be part of something extra special.

Have you heard about about the Hour of Code. It’s an international movement that believes every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Teachers and students around the world have been starting with an hour of code … one hour, for every student, where they learn the basics of coding.

The basics that one day may help kids pick a career in computer science. The basics that one day may help the career seeker of the future attain a high paying job. The basics that one day may help the entrepreneur of the future build an app, a website or a program that solves a local, regional or global problems. The basics that one day will undoubtedly help the future of Newfoundland and Labrador be better, stronger and more competitive. More innovative.

Mike, one of our lead developers, gave his time this week and helped guide kids at a local school with their hour of code. We supported him fully … and even pitched in with some juice and snacks for the students after their lesson in coding.


We were too proud of Mike, and I guess ourselves a little (but mainly Mike), to not share this experience with you. In fact we feel so good about this cause, and the results, that we’ve already committed to continue with similar efforts in 2017 through NATI.

Well done Mike. And well done to all our local teachers and students who make special experiences like this possible.