Connecting our clients with the expertise needed to solve business challenges, and better understand our client’s business goals, are two of the pillar goals of our Consulting Services practice. Our experts work with clients to change the conversation around technology and their business and improve their resilience regardless while helping them achieve their goals.

Specifically, the services offered by our Consulting Services Group include:

Project Delivery & Resource Augmentation

People are the key component of project success. Triware helps our clients manage internal projects by providing specialized consultants, in an augmentation capacity, to their existing team or project.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the use of technology to dramatically improve the performance or reach of our clients. Triware has a strong history of guiding clients through the transition from physical delivery of products and services to digital enablement.

System Implementation/Integration

Our Triware team is skilled at implementing, migrating and integrating business systems and technology platforms. As well, we partner with industry leading vendors to deliver solutions that span your enterprise.


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