Not for bad purposes of course … but for good. The type of hacker that looks at a complex set of problems and works with others to dream up creative – but realistic – solutions.

We’re in! And we want you to be in too!

If you haven’t heard of Hacking Health St. John’s yet, let us introduce you.

The Hacking Health St. John’s Hackathon is a weekend-long event that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation by bringing together and connecting healthcare professionals with designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate, dream up & design apps, devices and solutions to front-line healthcare problems for patient-centric care.

Everyone is welcome! Do you have an idea that will impact the Healthcare sector? Or just an interest in Healthcare? Have you identified problems related to health promotion within your domain? Do you have a solution in mind but need help realizing it? Do you have an idea for a mobile or web-based application that can change everything for you or your colleagues/patients?

If this sounds like you please REGISTER HERE.

Also, if you’re really keen but the registration fee is in your way, EMAIL US before you register. The first 10 folks to do so will get their fee covered by Triware!